The existing tablet press: 3; 80,000 per hour capacity
Nissan capacity of 1.9 million; to produce 40 million; annual capacity of 500 million

Meikai company from 1997 to produce tablet products, the production line using advanced fluidized bed automatic granulation process, the use of high-speed tablet machine, high-speed coating equipment, with an annual capacity of more than 500 million.

Mei Kang Kang Tablet features:

Color: to meet the customer preferences: key shape, round, oval, triangular, animal cartoon shape and other custom shape taste: excellent taste, in line with the target consumer sensory experience hardness and brittleness: strict product The hardness and brittleness test, until the finished product out of the library
Type: General tablet, chewable tablet
Disintegration time: no more than 1 hour (effervescent tablets disintegration time in 2 minutes)
Microorganisms and heavy metals: strict implementation of the relevant standards until the product out of the library


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