Australia days and partners work together for the health angel sent health


Every morning at four or five o'clock,

When we are still in a dream,

They have been wearing orange uniforms,

Shuttle in the streets, start a day of work.

From the beginning to dark, hard working,

Engaged in the city's most dirty, the most tired of the work,

They are our "city beautician" - sanitation workers.

Is that they measured the streets with footsteps,

With a broom swept out the city clean,

With the dustpan of the city out of civilization.

They are the hardest people in the city,

Every time I see these "city beauticians"

With hard sweat guarding our common life home,

Ao Bao are full of moving.

Learned that because of a long time engaged in manual labor,
So that many sanitation workers fell ill,
For example: cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease and other bone disease.

Ou Tianli, respectively, Huaibei City People's Government,
Huaibei City Occupational Medicine Chain Co., Ltd.,
City Office of Health Management Center and Yuxi medicine,
Held two health care guards health care activities.
Activities of the scene, the experts for sanitation workers for physical examination and health guidance,
And for the workers to provide the Australian days of nutrients series of products,
For sanitation workers to bring health.




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