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Respect for people, respect for life, health. Serve the people, serve in mind.

Dongjiang River, clear water Castle Peak, this piece of peaceful land, gave birth to generation after generation of ideal people with lofty ideals.


In 1997, a wanderer returned to his hometown. Years of wandering, broaden his horizons, precipitated his thoughts, hometown pure scenery, let him re-examine their own experiences, a simple idea began to germinate in his thought: to benefit people. Attention to people, concerned about people, love people, with a people-oriented concept of humanities, he is here, in his hometown, with their own hands, began casting their own dreams. After more than a decade, this little dream has been through his business to build a step by step to achieve and improve, this is the origin of the GD B&H HEALTH-CARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD, and the wanderer is the founder of the group: Mr. Li Hongxin.
      Today, the GD B&H HEALTH-CARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD has become a set of research and development, production and sales in one, nutrition and health products as the leading industry health services business. Over the years, the GD B&H HEALTH-CARE PRODUCTS CO.,LTD understand the "service in people, the service in the heart," the essence of "respect for people, respect for life, respect for health" as its purpose, and constantly improve their business, for the development of the highest quality products and provide the most professional The service and continuous efforts.


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